ONWARD! Up A frightening Creek


Dearest friends, fans, freaks and everyone else

In case you haven’t heard, our Kickstarter campaign to return EGRESS to the studio to record our fourth album was a wild success! We cannot even begin to express our deepest and most humble thanks and appreciation to everyone who joined the team to make this happen.


We are truly excited about this album and in fact we’re already done tracking and it has been an absolute pleasure recording here at Vibromonk Studios with our engineer and co-producer extraordinaire Dan Shatzky! We can’t wait for YOU to hear it!

And because we exceeded our original goal by nearly 50 percent, we’re going to be able to run a proper press campaign to promote the album as well as do all sorts of other cool promotions. Did somebody say new music videos and additional shows and extended touring??? Maybe EGRESS will even go inter-continental! (more on that another time….). Keep an eye out for Summer and Fall tour dates to be announced soon; check our SHOWS page for regular updates!

And speaking of shows and touring, for those of you local to EGRESS-land, you can catch us at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks for our second year back to perform our live score to the 1930′s classic Reefer Madness. There are still a few tickets left!

Reefer Madness WebRSVP to the Facebook Event for details and pass it around like a joint!    Reefer Madness Show 

Well, it’s back to work for us to finish mixing the last three songs; the rest of this album won’t finish itself! Stay tuned for more updates and mayyyyyyybe even a sneak peak of the album at some point!

’til then!! XOXO
those darn EGRESS kids


We Want to Do It With You!

Hellooo Friends!

So much to tell you and so little time! Let’s get to it! Have you heard….?!? onward web cover

We’re making a fourth album (hooray) and this Summer, EGRESS is sailing Onward! Up a Frightening Creek! But first, this Spring we’re headed to Vibromonk Studios in Brooklyn, NY to lay down 12 brand-spanking new songs. Oh yeah, and we’re asking YOU to come along for the ride. Yup, by moseying over to our KICKSTARTER (link) YOU can directly play a part in getting this album made. The cost of producing, recording, mixing, mastering, pressing and promoting an album can really add up so we’re once again invited our fans to be a part of the #DIWY movement. By pre-ordering our album (or pledging support for a bunch of other great rewards), you can be our record label!
But that’s not all! Because starting February 17 you just might be able to see and hear EGRESS in the flesh as we embark upon our Mardi Grass Roots tour! If you ask not-so-nicely, you might even get a little taste of the new album! Head on over HERE to see the deets! You’ll definitely get to hear Going Home  off of our most recent EP. The song was actually the inspiration for the new album title and download is included at just about every reward level in the Kickstarter!! In fact, if we reach our goal, we’ll even be pressing a limited edition 7″ lathe-cut vinyl version too! If we hit our stretch goals, you can even expect new music videos, extended touring and tons of new content.

Mardi Grass Roots Web

And as always, THANK YOU. For your continued support since our last successful Kickstarter, for coming to our shows and dancing your asses off, for being part of our ever expanding extended musical family,….thank you for all of it! And thank you for spreading the word! Sharing is caring and it means the world to us!
We couldn’t do this with out all of you. We hope that you’ll join us once again! See you on the road, friends!
~those darn EGRESS kids

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

Well friends, we’ve made it! Happy 2017!!!

Your friends at EGRESS Inc have been busy beavers this holiday season and we’re delighted to share a whole bunch of news about this year ahead! As you may have seen, we’ve got a fancy new addition to our EGRESS family: that’s right, it’s Frances the Bus! 14379757_1349043608441435_5152968709473777660_o While we’ve already taken Frances Fanny out on the road a few times, our maiden tour voyage is just around the corner! What’s that?? Tour, you say??! Yup! Just mosey on over to our SHOWS tab to see dates and details for our upcoming
Mardi Grass Roots tour. That’s correct! EGRESS is on the road & going to Mardi Gras!! Place your bets here for who’s getting left behind in New Orleans. And it’s not just that—you can catch us on our home turf January 5th at the Sellersville Theater and we have multiple dates all over NY, PA and New England to kick off the year!
Oh, did we mention that in addition to all the opportunities you’ll have to see and hear EGRESS live, you might just get to hear a few new songs too. Wha???? Yup, you read that right. In addition to new wheels and new feels, EGRESS is pleased to announce a NEW ALBUM for 2017! Keep your interweb dials tuned to EGRESS Central for more news and details as they emerge!
Finally, the EGRESS family has been hit personally with some very tragic losses this year and we just wanted to extend our sincerest thanks to all of you who gave us your love and support in our tough times. This was a tough year for a lot of people it seems. Nobody knows what lies ahead in 2017; but we know that like you, we’re going to keep marching on. Happiest of happy new years to you and yours from the EGRESS KREWE!

mardi-grass-roots-webMARDI GRASS ROOTS TOUR
2.17 Staunton, VA
2.18. Asheville, N.C
2.19 Hendersonville, N.C
2.20 Winston Salem, N.C
2.21 Columbia, S.C
2.22 TBA
2.23 TBA
2.24 TBA
2.25 TBA
2.26 New Orleans, TBA
2.27 Saddle Sarah’s B-DAY
2.28 Off for Fat Tuesday
3.1 Tupelo, MS
3.2 TBA
3.3 Lexington, KY
3.4 Sheperdstown, W.V
3.5 TBA

egress? Egress. EGRESS!!

Happy Fall, friends!


“Welcome Nick imPeccable!”

It’s been a while since our last dispatch from Egress Lane and we’re pleased as pumpkin punch to share a ton of new and exciting news with you! As a lot of our friends and fans know, we’ve been without a permanent drummer for the past 10 months. It’s been a wild (almost) year and some really talented folks stepped in along the way to help us out on the skins, but now (drum roll…) meet Nick(!!) the newest member of the crew! We’re super excited to have him on board and looking forward to continuing this journey!

Speaking of journeys, we have someone else to introduce you to!14379757_1349043608441435_5152968709473777660_o  Say hello to the other new member of the team: Frances the Bus!  

That’s rights. We got a bus! And yeah, we’re pretty in love. Feel free to explore our love story with Francis Fanny over at our Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for further updates.

 And that’s not all. We’re also happy to announce a partnership with Leesta Vall Artists and will be touring regularly in 2017!

You can follow all of those developments as well as keep up on our remaining 2016 shows right HERE!

 We’ll also be headed back into Egress Studios for another installment of Tin Can Alley (Vol. 3) this November! Look out for a release date this Winter! Want more??? You got it. You can also subscribe to our fancy Youtube Channel. We’ve got lyrics videos and we’ve got official music videos! We’ve got live videos! We’ve got silly skits and cover songs! Heck, I even heard of an as of yet unseen Egress reality show that one of them has been threatening to post (Words were said and pies were thrown, you’ve been warned). What a deal?!

Phew. Anyone else out of breath? See you all real soon! EGRESS, out. 

Hey there friend, thanks for stopping by,

It’s been a busy Spring here on EGRESS Lane. We’ve been up to our eyeballs in shows, travel, recording an EP CLICK HERE!, casual alchemy, we even played an impromptu wedding ceremony! And our dogs are barkin’. So for the next two months we’re going to get busy with a new little monster: writing our next album!

We’re also going to keep busy with new content all Summer long so be on the look out for new videos, recordings, peroscopings and all sorts of what-have-yous and whatnots.

And we never do stray far from the road! See the shows page for details on all our dates. Otherwise stay tuned for news about the album over the next few months! Stay groovy.


Spring has sprung, grass has ris’ ~ wonder where your EGRESS is?!

Hey there, you there. It’s yer ol’ friends EGRESS,

Happy (almost) Spring! Krewe of EGRESS just checking in to let you know about a ton (one full metric ton!) of fun things that we’re going to be jumping into real soooooon!

First off: NEW EP! (woot). That’s right, next week we’ll be headed into the studio to record the next installment in our Songs from Tin Can Alley EPs. This is the second EP in TCA and will eventually come together with the rest of the series like Voltron to form a mighty album. (with cat-robots for arms*)

The EP will be available on BANDCAMP HERE!

You can also peep in on us big brother-style with Periscope or subscribe to our YouTube to be tuned in for our upcoming music video release and lyric’s videos for all of our albums!

And if you want to see us incarnate, you can catch us touring all over the Northeast and beyond in the coming months! Keep up with our touring schedule HERE

’til then,
Stay Weird!

-those darn EGRESS kids

*cat-robot arms may or may not be included with the future Tin Can Alley album. It will however definitely shoot lasers


Accordions, tubas, violins, and drums, something spooky this way comes! New Music Video “Tarantella” Out NOW!

The EGRESS Horror Picture Show!
Just in time for Halloween, we’re pleased as pie (pumpkin pie, that is) to share with you our brand spanking new music video for Tarantella. Enjoy!!


This is our second music video, and the first off of our most recent album Great Balancing Act. And for those of you lucky enough to be in the Lehigh Valley on October 31st, we’ll even be re-enacting select scenes from the video on Halloween night at our favorite haunt The FunHouse!


We’ll be there dressed to the nines along with a bunch of goodies like our shiny new vinyl record, EGRESS baby-doll shirts, and of course the official EGRESS home exorcism kit—now with non-imitation holy water and real pea soup!! (while supplies last)
Great Balancing Act has been out five months now and the positive reception for the album continues to tickle us pink; it’s amazing to think that just over a year ago at this time we weren’t even sure this album would get made. We’ve also got some exciting new projects in the works including—dare I say, yet a followup video off of GBA already in the works as well as a quarterly residency variety show at another home-away-from-home of ours, Roxy and Duke’s in Dunellen, NJ. Keep up with us on the FaceTwit for more details on this and other stories as they develop!
’til the next time, stay spooooooooky!

GBA Out Now on Vinyl! Music Video Sneak Peek!…and THANK YOU!

HeyHey Folks,
It’s been a little bit since we EGRESS kids dropped you a line so we thought we’d check in to share some of the exciting news that went down in Egress-town this Summer.
First off, the release of our third album, Great Balancing Act has been a big fat success! Songs from the record have been featured in such dandy publications as The Alternate Root, CMJ, Magnet Magazine and The Vinyl District just to name a few. And that’s not all! The Deli Magazine named us one of Philly’s top emerging acts while closer to home we were voted The Lehigh Valley’s Most Happening Band.
Oh, and speaking of vinyl…Our very first vinyl has been released with great fury!! They can be purchased on our website HERE or you can always march up to us after a show and pick one up in person from one of us! Each vinyl version of GBA also comes with a download card and each record is a very fetching translucent blue! Swoooooooon!
Finally—as you may know—we’ve spent a great deal of the past few months on the road, bringing the party to your ears, eyes and feet. Now that we’re slowing down a bit we’re excited to get back into the studio and start cranking out some new content for ya! First up is our upcoming music video!! The first video off of GBA, it will feature stop-motion animation from our pal Stefan Zenuik. Here’s a little sneak peek! We don’t want to give away too much, but trust us..it’s going to get freaky.

Well friends, the past year has been a pretty wild ride for us. Overall, it’s been pretty fantastic and we just want to remind you that if not for our friends, fans and families we know we’d be singing a different tune at the moment (or worse, not singing at all). Thank you for for coming out to the shows. Thank you for checking out Great Balancing Act. Thank you for watching the silly videos we make. Thank you for spreading the word!! THANK YOU!
’til the next time!
those darn EGRESS kids

Great Balancing Act Out Now! On iTunes and Coming to a Town Near You!

Hey Everybody,
We did it! May 19th has come and Great Balancing Act is officially released. You can find it here on iTunes right now! Delivery through our SHOP page is coming soon! Vinyl’s too!!! (But we’ll save that news for another time.) If you pre-ordered GBA via our Kickstarter—well, first let us say THANK YOU (Don’t forget, this all happened because of you. That’s a big deal to us. XOXO)—we’ll be sending or hand delivering the album to you any day now. Of course….you can also just come to one of our many upcoming shows on the (wait for it…) Great Balancing Act Tour…(original, we know.)

In just a few days since the release, we’ve already received a lovely little writeup from Glide Magazine, and there are a few familiar faces on the front page of the Deli Magazine Philly! Now we embark in less than a week, and we can’t wait to hit the road! Check back here (and here…) (…and here) often for all yer EGRESS updates, booster shots, pictures, videos, dispathes from the road and news as it develops!
’til the next episode,
-those darn EGRESS kids

Great Balancing Act is upon us! And VOTE for EGRESS as Deli Magazine’s best new Philly artist!!!

As the May 19th release date for our new album—Great Balancing Act— draws nigh, your friendly neighborhood EGRESS is still riding the wave from our first round of release shows in Brooklyn, NY at Kings County Saloon as well as a very special hometown show at the Funhouse in Bethlehem, PA. (Stay tuned for pictures!) Now we are gearing up for round two of our CD release parties: a weekend of joyous mirth and fancy dancing at the Steam Punk World’s Faire in Piscataway, NJ! Couldn’t make it out last weekend and not in lovely NJ this weekend? Well fret not! If you live on the East side of the Mississippi River (or live in Texas), chances are we’ll be seeing you in a few weeks! You lovely West coast folk will have to wait jussst a wee bit longer. You’ll also be able to hear us live (and online) on Knoxville radio WDVX‘s Blue Plate Special on on June 9th; stay tuned for more radio news! Check out our SHOW page for all the details of where and when you can see us! We’ll also be doing regular VLogs to share with you all a little taste of life on the road with EGRESS! You can get all your inside scoops on what we’re up to by subscribing to our youtubes here!
Finally, we continue to be floored by the outpouring of love from YOU—our fans, friends and families. It’s been with your unwavering support that we continue to fight our fight and keep making inroads and gain notice in the broader musical atmosphere. Last week found our song Lucy, a song about your mother as an Alternate Root song of the week! This week we’ve been nominated for Deli Magazine’s best emerging Philly band! We are currently in the lead, but voting is open until 11:59 PM on May, 19th and every vote counts! YOUR vote is just one more barb in the side of mainstream music, so let them know we’re not going away! Your vote also means the world to us! You can have your say here!
X’s and O’s as always! See you all real soooooon!
-those darn EGRESS kids