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Spring has sprung, grass has ris’ ~ wonder where your EGRESS is?!

Hey there, you there. It’s yer ol’ friends EGRESS,

Happy (almost) Spring! Krewe of EGRESS just checking in to let you know about a ton (one full metric ton!) of fun things that we’re going to be jumping into real soooooon!

First off: NEW EP! (woot). That’s right, next week we’ll be headed into the studio to record the next installment in our Songs from Tin Can Alley EPs. This is the second EP in TCA and will eventually come together with the rest of the series like Voltron to form a mighty album. (with cat-robots for arms*)

The EP will be available on BANDCAMP HERE!

You can also peep in on us big brother-style with Periscope or subscribe to our YouTube to be tuned in for our upcoming music video release and lyric’s videos for all of our albums!

And if you want to see us incarnate, you can catch us touring all over the Northeast and beyond in the coming months! Keep up with our touring schedule HERE

’til then,
Stay Weird!

-those darn EGRESS kids

*cat-robot arms may or may not be included with the future Tin Can Alley album. It will however definitely shoot lasers