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GBA Out Now on Vinyl! Music Video Sneak Peek!…and THANK YOU!

HeyHey Folks,
It’s been a little bit since we EGRESS kids dropped you a line so we thought we’d check in to share some of the exciting news that went down in Egress-town this Summer.
First off, the release of our third album, Great Balancing Act has been a big fat success! Songs from the record have been featured in such dandy publications as The Alternate Root, CMJ, Magnet Magazine and The Vinyl District just to name a few. And that’s not all! The Deli Magazine named us one of Philly’s top emerging acts while closer to home we were voted The Lehigh Valley’s Most Happening Band.
Oh, and speaking of vinyl…Our very first vinyl has been released with great fury!! They can be purchased on our website HERE or you can always march up to us after a show and pick one up in person from one of us! Each vinyl version of GBA also comes with a download card and each record is a very fetching translucent blue! Swoooooooon!
Finally—as you may know—we’ve spent a great deal of the past few months on the road, bringing the party to your ears, eyes and feet. Now that we’re slowing down a bit we’re excited to get back into the studio and start cranking out some new content for ya! First up is our upcoming music video!! The first video off of GBA, it will feature stop-motion animation from our pal Stefan Zenuik. Here’s a little sneak peek! We don’t want to give away too much, but trust’s going to get freaky.

Well friends, the past year has been a pretty wild ride for us. Overall, it’s been pretty fantastic and we just want to remind you that if not for our friends, fans and families we know we’d be singing a different tune at the moment (or worse, not singing at all). Thank you for for coming out to the shows. Thank you for checking out Great Balancing Act. Thank you for watching the silly videos we make. Thank you for spreading the word!! THANK YOU!
’til the next time!
those darn EGRESS kids