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Hello Hello!!
Well friends, it’s happening! We are officially in the studio recording our third album with Roger Greenawalt at 366 Visions Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have four songs “in the can” already and as of¬†Friday¬†afternoon we are chugging away at our fifth. We have seven more to go after this! Working with Roger has been an amazing experience and it’s already pretty clear that his touch will definitely be felt on our final product. Check out our Facebook page for daily photos, videos, and updates on our recording process.
Meanwhile, Egress is living it up in various parts of Brooklyn in their time out of the studio with the Tyrant, Saddle, and Kap’n Krispy having bagel benders on 5th Ave in Park Slope, while Kidd-N-Bone are camping out on the floor of Toobie’s place in Bushwick having nightly discussions about the nuances between PBR and Genesee Cream Ale.
Lastly, we’re off the road for a much needed rest this holiday season and to finish the album and our Kickstarter rewards. Don’t put yer dancing shoes in the closet just yet though; 2015 will see Egress re-hit the road again with full force!
Thank YOU again for helping us make this album a reality! See you all soon!!
-those darn EGRESS kids