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A New Song, A New EP, and Some Big News

As Summer winds down, we here at EGRESS & Co. have some exciting news to share with you! Last weekend, we locked ourselves inside the Egress Inn with nothing but our instruments, a bathtub full of gin, Traffic the dog, and with one goal in mind: NEW MUSIC. Saturday morning we locked the doors and by sunday night we had written and recorded three new songs. The result is our fourth EP!!! Songs from Tin Can Alley. We channeled some of our biggest influences from a golden age of American music and wrote two songs on the spot while adapting a 1923 blues standard as well. All three songs were recorded live in a single take with minimal setup and feature bawdy verses from the entire crew, washboard percussion, and homemade sound effects. For a limited time we’ll be giving this EP to all of you for FREE starting with the first track, Drink it Down, available HERE!

We’re so excited to announce the title of our upcoming album—”This Way to the Egress’ Great Balancing Act”—we’ll be giving you these songs as a token of our appreciation!

We’ll be releasing two more songs over the next two weeks with more news and shows as well! Thanks for your support, we couldn’t do any of this without friends like you!

~Those darn Egress kids~