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We Want to Do It With You!

Hellooo Friends!

So much to tell you and so little time! Let’s get to it! Have you heard….?!? onward web cover

We’re making a fourth album (hooray) and this Summer, EGRESS is sailing Onward! Up a Frightening Creek! But first, this Spring we’re headed to Vibromonk Studios in Brooklyn, NY to lay down 12 brand-spanking new songs. Oh yeah, and we’re asking YOU to come along for the ride. Yup, by moseying over to our KICKSTARTER (link) YOU can directly play a part in getting this album made. The cost of producing, recording, mixing, mastering, pressing and promoting an album can really add up so we’re once again invited our fans to be a part of the #DIWY movement. By pre-ordering our album (or pledging support for a bunch of other great rewards), you can be our record label!
But that’s not all! Because starting February 17 you just might be able to see and hear EGRESS in the flesh as we embark upon our Mardi Grass Roots tour! If you ask not-so-nicely, you might even get a little taste of the new album! Head on over HERE to see the deets! You’ll definitely get to hear Going Home  off of our most recent EP. The song was actually the inspiration for the new album title and download is included at just about every reward level in the Kickstarter!! In fact, if we reach our goal, we’ll even be pressing a limited edition 7″ lathe-cut vinyl version too! If we hit our stretch goals, you can even expect new music videos, extended touring and tons of new content.

Mardi Grass Roots Web

And as always, THANK YOU. For your continued support since our last successful Kickstarter, for coming to our shows and dancing your asses off, for being part of our ever expanding extended musical family,….thank you for all of it! And thank you for spreading the word! Sharing is caring and it means the world to us!
We couldn’t do this with out all of you. We hope that you’ll join us once again! See you on the road, friends!
~those darn EGRESS kids