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egress? Egress. EGRESS!!

Happy Fall, friends!


“Welcome Nick imPeccable!”

It’s been a while since our last dispatch from Egress Lane and we’re pleased as pumpkin punch to share a ton of new and exciting news with you! As a lot of our friends and fans know, we’ve been without a permanent drummer for the past 10 months. It’s been a wild (almost) year and some really talented folks stepped in along the way to help us out on the skins, but now (drum roll…) meet Nick(!!) the newest member of the crew! We’re super excited to have him on board and looking forward to continuing this journey!

Speaking of journeys, we have someone else to introduce you to!14379757_1349043608441435_5152968709473777660_o  Say hello to the other new member of the team: Frances the Bus!  

That’s rights. We got a bus! And yeah, we’re pretty in love. Feel free to explore our love story with Francis Fanny over at our Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for further updates.

 And that’s not all. We’re also happy to announce a partnership with Leesta Vall Artists and will be touring regularly in 2017!

You can follow all of those developments as well as keep up on our remaining 2016 shows right HERE!

 We’ll also be headed back into Egress Studios for another installment of Tin Can Alley (Vol. 3) this November! Look out for a release date this Winter! Want more??? You got it. You can also subscribe to our fancy Youtube Channel. We’ve got lyrics videos and we’ve got official music videos! We’ve got live videos! We’ve got silly skits and cover songs! Heck, I even heard of an as of yet unseen Egress reality show that one of them has been threatening to post (Words were said and pies were thrown, you’ve been warned). What a deal?!

Phew. Anyone else out of breath? See you all real soon! EGRESS, out.