EGRESS is a tapestry of worldly influences and an alchemy of sounds modern and past, familiar and forgotten.’

If Tom Waits and Patti Smith made a musical lovechild it might sound a little like EGRESS. Whether you know them as the “dance band to ring in the end of the world with” or by their “raise your spirit, raise a glass and drop a beat” attitude, they will leave their mark on you. EGRESS is equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world-beat and three ring circus all the while playing an amalgamation of worldly genres catapulting their audience through time and space with unexpected shifts of styles, tempos and time signatures.

EGRESS is Taylor Galassi (lead vocals, accordion, piano); Sarah Shown (vocals, piano, violin); John Wentz  (tuba, backup vocals); Joe Lynch (trombone, backup vocals); Jaclyn Kidd (guitar, banjo) and Nick Pecca (drums and percussion). Hailing from a wide variety of musical backgrounds with a diverse array of influences, EGRESS crafts intricately arranged audible cocktails which will be sure to make you move. Their rambunctious stage show generates enough energy to light up a small city while their genre-bending miscellany leaves the audience wondering what will happen next.

Tyrant Taylor—frontman, accordion-reveling extraordinaire, designated driver
Saddle Sarah—piano plunker, fiddler, leading lady and songstress, head chef
Toobie Doo—tuba, vocals, power tools, safety coordinator
Jaclyn “The” Kidd—electric guitar, 6 string banjo, day dreamer
Joe Bone—trombone, backup vocals, PBR
Nick imPECCAble—drums and percussion, master dancer


Oh, The Places We’ve Been!