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81%!!! And Still Going Strong!

Well folks, week two of our KICKSTARTER has come to a close and YOU have already helped us break the 80% mark with over three weeks to go still. AMAZING! We cannot begin to put into words (more on that soon) how grateful we are to have the support of our fans, friends, and families in this adventure; we continue to be floored daily by the love you’ve all shown us. We’ve already added a plethora of new rewards, but guess what!!!!…the closer we get to our bottom-line goal, the sooner we’ll be adding new and even more exciting rewards (ahem…like VINYL just to name one) as we begin to pursue our STRETCH GOALS! And since you’re helping shape the future of the independent music biz by getting in on the ground floor of the #diwy movement, don’t be shy about shouting it out from the rooftops! We heartily encourage all of you who’ve pledged so far to share your deed on the inter-webs via Facebook, Twitter, maybe even ‘Ello (if that’s a thing yet!). Be proud of your support! Remember, this is not charity! This is the FUTURE OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

-those darn EGRESS kids