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~New Music~New Video~New Tour~

New Music Unleashed! ~ That’s right friends, we’ve unleashed See No Evil, the first single from Onward! Up A Frightening Creek, and people are already saying swell things. “There’s a certain ethereal alchemy to the work of This Way to the EGRESS, built around a series of mesmerizing movements that highlight the unrestrained passion and thought they bring to their music.” writes  Joshua Pickard from But don’t take his word for it; you can hear for yourself by downloading it below—for FREE!—and it will be yours forever and ever and EVER!

Onward & Upward! ~ Some of you may remember a super secret mission we were on a couple of weeks back!?! No? That’s okay because it’s a secret no more! Our hometown friends at Tape Swap Radio are launching a new series called “Rooftop Sessions” and they asked EGRESS to be the first band! The session is set to premiere this Friday on WDIY 88.1 FM with video available online on Sunday, July 16th.

Tape Swap Radio is an original live music series spotlighting D.I.Y. and independent bands in the Lehigh Valley. Started by Lehigh Valley residents Matt Molchany and Shamus McGroggan in 2013, Tape Swap Radio aims to provide a unique live snapshot of both bands who call the Lehigh Valley home and bands passing through on tours so we were incredibly honored and excited to be a part of such an awesome thing happening in our hometown! Check it out!

We Row Across The Pond! ~ Our U.K. tour is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Although our stint there will be a tad shorter than we’d like, we can’t wait to bring our raucous punk spitfire sensibilities to British soil! As if this news isn’t exciting enough, our friend Mishkin over at the amazing Birdeatsbaby put together this lovely little tour promo video. Give it a watch and see if it doesn’t make you want to follow along.

U.K. dates announced
August 10th – Mr Wolf’s – Bristol
August 11th – Boomtown Fair – Winchester, Hampshire
August 12th – The Lighthouse – Deal, Kent
August 13th – The Magic Garden – London

Going Home Again! ~
Lastly, we are excited to announce the release of our first music video off of Onward! upon our return home. Fittingly, it is for the song Going Home Again.

On July 2nd, 2017 the members of EGRESS and 15 of our good friends came together and shot for fifteen and a half hours; it was exhausting but also exhilarating, and we couldn’t be more please with the final product! The video will be available here and more importantly on our YouTube channel. Hop on over there and subscribe to receive behind the scenes footage of the shoot and more. Annnnnd…..If you like the behind the scenes thang we have just the medicine for you! We’ve started a new Facebook group! “Those Darn EGRESS Kids” is the private group where we share all of our deepest darkest secrets, tricks of the trades, coleslaw recipes and other exclusive news with YOU—our most dedicated fans!

See you all on the flip side. Until next time, we go Onward!