New Album | Onward! Up A Frightening Creek |

Out Now!  The fourth full length album by This Way to the EGRESS  was released September 22, 2017. Onward! was recorded by EGRESS and Dan Shatzky of Vibromonk Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Praise for Onward! Up A Frightening Creek

“See No Evil” [is] a cabaret-inflected story told with horns and a charismatic vocal performance.” —Magnet Magazine

“This Way to the Egress raise the spirits with a rousing back alley Jazz as they ask for a little comfort for their departing souls with ‘Whiskey on My Grave.’” [9/27/2017] —The Alternate Root

“There are a variety of rambunctious instruments riding throughout the record, all sailing along to a soulful and inspired emotion.”– New Noise Magazine