New Year, New THINGS ahead!

Hello Friends.
Lady E comin’ atchya with some news from the midway.
Since we have just started a new calendar year and I have a few minutes of downtime, I thought I would reach out to my tribe (that’s you!) and say what’s up! Our 2017 touring season and release of our new album has gone incredibly well, so well in fact we were slightly unprepared for how that was going to change things for us in the back-end. So we figured out with the old, in with the new, here’s what’s on our agenda.

New Website
In the next few weeks we will be launching a new website! We are super excited to make our website and these newsletters our new social hub. Social medium algorithms are making it more of a challenge to reach y’all with pertinent information. So our website will be the best place for you to catch up on our where-about’s and whose-a-what’s.

New Music, New Things!
As many of you know, we have been working on a concept album called “Songs From Tin Can Alley.” We have really grown to love these sessions because it is the only time we do anything like it. We all hold up at the EGRESS INN for a weekend and write and record 3 songs from scratch together. We have released three volumes thus far and they are all available HERE on our bandcamp. Well, we are about to record our 4th volume in February and hope to press it into a physical CD this spring!

This leads me to my next thing,……….. which is about exactly that, Things. We have successfully funded and released most of our albums with Kickstarter and the support of our fans. The music industry has changed so much over the years and without support from a label there have been many tumultuous times for the band. It has been a constant balancing act but we have kept rowing onward. We have tried to find a way to continue to make this project sustainable for the 6 of us. So we are changing with the times and launching a Patreon. We will be live streaming our Tin Can Alley session to our Patrons as well as giving them perks, outtakes, and mp3’s of our session works. Keep an eye out and an ear to the ground, we would love to keep this project going and growing. Mostly, we would love to do it in a way where we can connect directly to the folks it matters to most. We will likely be launching in the next few weeks.

Other Things!
In addition to that shiz- we will be releasing our 2nd edition of our new EGRESS Zine. It has art, lyrics behind the scene features, advice columns, recipes and more. Tyrant Taylor and I will be releasing some cover arrangements of some of our favorite songs in the coming weeks and in addition to that; Jaclyn “the’ Kidd, Tyrant, and myself are working on an “Egress Unplugged Session” where we do arrangements of EGRESS songs but with banjo, violin and upright bass. Our hopes are to release this session with a video as well as another music video (or two) from the latest album! Here’s a preview!

Well friends, that is certainly not all we have going on but I won’t keep yammering on. Thank you so much for your support. Our gratitude is endless. See you on the road!

— Saddle Sarah & those darn EGRESS kids