Great Balancing Act is upon us! And VOTE for EGRESS as Deli Magazine’s best new Philly artist!!!

As the May 19th release date for our new album—Great Balancing Act— draws nigh, your friendly neighborhood EGRESS is still riding the wave from our first round of release shows in Brooklyn, NY at Kings County Saloon as well as a very special hometown show at the Funhouse in Bethlehem, PA. (Stay tuned for pictures!) Now we are gearing up for round two of our CD release parties: a weekend of joyous mirth and fancy dancing at the Steam Punk World’s Faire in Piscataway, NJ! Couldn’t make it out last weekend and not in lovely NJ this weekend? Well fret not! If you live on the East side of the Mississippi River (or live in Texas), chances are we’ll be seeing you in a few weeks! You lovely West coast folk will have to wait jussst a wee bit longer. You’ll also be able to hear us live (and online) on Knoxville radio WDVX‘s Blue Plate Special on on June 9th; stay tuned for more radio news! Check out our SHOW page for all the details of where and when you can see us! We’ll also be doing regular VLogs to share with you all a little taste of life on the road with EGRESS! You can get all your inside scoops on what we’re up to by subscribing to our youtubes here!
Finally, we continue to be floored by the outpouring of love from YOU—our fans, friends and families. It’s been with your unwavering support that we continue to fight our fight and keep making inroads and gain notice in the broader musical atmosphere. Last week found our song Lucy, a song about your mother as an Alternate Root song of the week! This week we’ve been nominated for Deli Magazine’s best emerging Philly band! We are currently in the lead, but voting is open until 11:59 PM on May, 19th and every vote counts! YOUR vote is just one more barb in the side of mainstream music, so let them know we’re not going away! Your vote also means the world to us! You can have your say here!
X’s and O’s as always! See you all real soooooon!
-those darn EGRESS kids