69%!!! and on a mountain of gratitude!!

To all our friends:

A week ago today we launched our KICKSTARTER in support of our next album, This Way to the Egress’ Great Balancing Act, and the outpouring of support we’ve received from all of you has been amazing. The first day this campaign created such a  buzz we were featured on the “What’s Popular” section of Kickstarter. IMG_6118 In just seven days you’ve helped us raise 69% of our minimum goal while contributors have snatched up live Egress concerts, instruments, poems, tours of NYC, and lots of other goodies. Once we hit 90% we’ll be able to start discussing our stretch goals! Did someone say vinyl pressing of the album?!! To get us there we’ve been adding rewards left and right and we’ll have more on the way! Something we’re missing? If you have a particular reward you’d like to see us offering (or, if you’d like to see more of a particular reward that’s already sold out), don’t be shy! Let us know HERE AT THE CONTACT ME TAB!

We’ve also started leaking demos and practice tapes/videos of tracks off the new album. Check out the updates on our KICKSTARTER PAGE or our  FACEBOOK EVENT for all sorts of new videos each day. There you can also hear from each band member as to what this effort means to them personally and about their experience through out the years. Here is a video featuring a song leak of a practice demo for “You Never Know”

Once again, we cannot even begin to gush about how overwhelming the response to this has all been so far. We’re truly humbled and grateful to have fans and friends like you all. You’ve helped start a movement. We are #diwy! [And if you want to share your involvement CLICK HERE] So excuse our bawdiness, but we’re doing it with YOU!  

And keep those pictures of you “doing it with us” coming!!






-those darn EGRESS kids