Join us, In the “Do It With YOU” movement!! #diwy

Hello Friends!

We are here today to officially launch our KICKSTARTER in support of our next album—This Way to the EGRESS’ Great Balancing Act!  (All contributors can follow this LINK to our Kickstarter to see what rewards we have to offer!) While we are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we received from our fans in response to our 2013 DIY release, Mighty Seed, we now have before us the chance to create something even better and more ambitious.

We have the opportunity to work with visionary independent producer Roger Greenawalt, who has postponed the launch of HIS exciting new undertaking to join us and be a part of OURS. We are certain that with his ear and experience—and the new songs we have worked feverishly on—that we can bring to you a groundbreaking new album. Not only will we be bringing this to YOU, but we are hoping that YOU will join us!

By investing in—or pre-ordering—this record you will be contributing to a future built on your terms. We have been a “Do It Yourself” band for the last 7 years. Now, we are striving to make a new movement—a “Do It With You” movement. We believe strongly in the communities we build; the stronger ours becomes, the more opportunities we will have to share with those that join us for the ride. We hope you’ll come along! #diwy  #thiswaytotheegress
-those darn EGRESS kids

This Way to the EGRESS KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN for the making of the 3rd album, This Way to the EGRESS’ Great Balancing Act.