Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers of EGRESS,

We would like to come out and confirm that the rumors are true: we have officially started writing and composing new songs for our third record!  We are halfway through the writing process, and we are tickled to announce that this will be our first in-studio album!  We are now performing to rally the funds to pay for it and will begin production in September 2014.

We would also like to welcome “Krispy” Zach Martin to the Egress family.  He will be taking over for “Easy” Chet Sullivan on drums who has eagerly switched positions to take over as EGRESS’ own trumpet player and backup vocalist.  With this change in the line up, we thought it would be good to do an Artist Spotlight on Facebook and other social media outlets so you can get to know the zany Egressians who tickle your eardrums on a daily basis. You can catch the first Artist Spotlight on Sunday, April 13th, on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

In the meantime, we will be keeping you engaged and entertained by winding our way around the US and growing our tri-state community of fans and friends.  We have some shows on the horizon that we are very excited about, both locally AND nationally, so please see our SHOWS tab for dates and events near you!

In short, you can expect the following from EGRESS this spring and summer: NEW music, LOTS of shows—both on a national scale and close to home – MORE social media contests to win new EGRESS swag, a BRAND NEW music video, artist spotlights and who knows what else? Thank you all for your love and for making what we do possible.


-Those Darn EGRESS Kids