New Video Unleashed, New Album Sprouts Soon!

Watch This Way to the Egress’ debut music video ~CLARENCE~ Here!

Dear fans, followers, and friends of EGRESS:

 We spent many, many hours preparing for the video release party for Clarence on April 19th and the turn out was sensational—not just because every seat in the house was taken, not because, it went off with out a hitch, but because we hung out, laughed, sang, drank, foot stomped…and rocked a conga line as a giant family. Those times get lost so easily now-a-days and we are honored that you all choose to be a part of that special evening which meant so much to us. We hope it meant a lot to all of you who attended too (and those of you who were there in spirit as well).

That being said, we are now filled with even MORE fury and pride to deliver quality songs and performances to you in the weeks ahead, and we’ll be blowing atchya full force this May with a new array of songs, antics, and imagery for your enjoyment.

“MIGHTY SEED” will be released via the interwebs on Tuesday, May 21st, and we are planning a small bevy of release parties as well that we’re itching to tell you about. The first physical hard copies will be available for sale on May 17th-19th at Steampunk World’s Fair in Piscataway, NJ. More details will be announced soon, but what we know so far is that Friday night, May 17th, we will be hosting a listening party where our friends and fans can come hang out with us while we serve hors d’oeuvres as we all give “Mighty Seed” its first official spin. Saturday night there will be more festivities including a full live set, antics, and collaborations with some of SPWF’s other esteemed acts. We’ll be closing out the weekend on the lovely outside stage on Sunday and 2:15 with a live performance of the new album in FULL. All performance times and locations are TBA.

Fret not however, if a weekend in the Garden State is not in your immediate future we will also be hosting a hometown record release show at the Bethlehem Artsquest Center on Friday, May 31st. This show will be outdoors and FREE to the public! Other shows in PA, NYC, and New England will be announced as well.

In signing off we’d like to just express one more time the utmost gratitude for our family, friends, and fans for their support. There wouldn’t be an EGRESS without all of you.