EGRESS Springs Eternal with a New Single and a Summer Tour! New Album out May 19th!!


It’s Spring finally and we at EGRESS industries are thrilled to put the ever-frosty (but insanely productive) Winter behind us! Now, as the days grow longer and the landscape more verdant, so doth the EGRESS cup runneth over with a bounty of exciting news!
We’re super pleased to share our next single off of Great Balancing Act! It’s titled Let’s Not Pretend and it’s about…well…let’s just say it’s about what happens when friendships breakdown, blow up or just fade away (we’ve all been there right?) and it’ll be available for FREE HERE. Meanwhile, the first single off of GBA (We Won’t Go) can still be found  for FREE HERE! Stay tuned for links and announcements about how you can pre-order Great Balancing Act!! 
As we rapidly approach GBA’s May 19th release date, we’re excited to announce album release shows in Brooklyn May 9th (Buy tickets for This Way to the EGRESS NYC Record Release w/ Amour Obscur & Friends), a very special hometown show at the Funhouse in Bethlehem (May 8), and our triumphant return to the Steampunk Worlds Fair (May 15-17). BUT! That’s not all! Following the release, EGRESS will be hitting the road in support of the new album with some very exciting tour dates. So if you are interested in Live Music, real life living distractions, hedonism, and drinking songs, see our SHOW page for all the details! There’s a good chance we’ll be playing a show in your neck of the woods soon! If you simply cannot wait that long and are local-ish, we are excited to be a part of the LAUNCH MUSIC CONFERENCE (Lancaster, PA) on Saturday, April 25th where we will take the new album for a spin.
Lastly, people continue to say lovely things about us lil’ EGRESS kids. Including an awesome writeup about the band in our hometown magazine Lehigh Valley Style, a feature of our “We Won’t Go” single on CMJ’s Download This, and a Reverbnation Artist Spotlight Feature! We were also featured guests on Wildfire Radio’s Scene Scene Show. You can stream the whole show HERE (there might even be an unreleased track or two from the album!!!!)
‘Til we see you all soon, Xoxo!
-those darn EGRESS kids


1st Single Out Now, 2nd unleashed April 2nd!

Two Months to Go! CMJ, New Singles and Music Video, and of course SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS

Hey Hey Friends!

We’re just two months away from the release of our third album Great Balancing Act and we’re just squirming with excitement and anticip…..

GBATunecore Art

….ation. Anyway, you can still download our first single “We Won’t Go” off of CMJ’s  DOWNLOAD THIS! feature and we’ve been just tickled pink by all of the kind words people have had for our song with write-ups and mentions in, Ninja Fish Music Blog, The Vinyl District’s  “Press Play” and was featured on KDHX’s Song of the Day. Meanwhile, the next single off of GBA—”Let’s Not Pretend”—has been unleashed and is available HERE as a free Mp3 download . It’s a song about er….those little awkward moments…errrr….saying what you really mean…hrmmmm…..friendships coming and going…basically love, hate, creation and destruction…But that’s not all! All of this will be explained to you in gory detail by our shiny new video for Let’s Not Pretend due out shortly after the album’s release…you’ll see…
We’ve also just come off of a super busy little run of shows around town. We had an absolute blast at Philly RAW’s February installment at the Trocadero—check out some choice shots from our set below—as well as a really sweet homecoming at Wicked Faire in Princeton, NJ where—in addition to playing three really amazing sets over the weekendwe also spent two evenings serenading friends and fans from our hotel room balcony! We also had the pleasure of appearing on Wildfire Radio’s Scene Scene Show this past month. Not only did we perform two as-of-yet-unreleased songs in the studio, but they also played another super secret track off of GBA, and RIGHT HERE is the only place you can hear it (other than seeing us in concert of course)!
Finally, our calendar is starting to fill up quite nicely. The next chance to catch EGRESS will be with our friends The Late Saints and Zap Goes Pop at Connie’s Ric Rac in Philadelphia on April 10th or at the Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA on April 25th. We have some record release parties planned around the Tri-State area includingMay 8th at The Funhouse Bethlehem, PA and May 9th in NYC for a wild night of Burlesque and Music at King’s County Saloon in Brooklyn! For our full calendar just head on over to our SHOW PAGE . Hmmmmm, speaking of shows, notice that little gap in the calendar after May 18th? Well it just so happens that these little EGRESS birds are stretching their wings again for another…wait for it…NATIONAL TOUR!! That’s right! EGRESS is hitting the road once again for some coast-to-coast, North/South action. Want EGRESS to come to your town? Let us know!
’til then! xoxo
-those darn EGRESS kids

Great Balancing Act’s “We Won’t Go” ~ OUT NOW!

It’s 2015, do you know where your EGRESS is? Philly Raw at the Trocadero for starters! And featured on CMJ’s Download This!

Hey Hey Friends!

It’s a new year for EGRESS and things are off to a roaring start for us. With Great Balancing Act slated for a May 19, 2015 release date, Saddle Sarah is putting her finishing touches on the album artwork. Want a sneak peak? Sure you do!

GBATunecore Art

And that’s not all! We’ll be dropping singles in the run up to the release of GBA. The first of which—We Won’t Go—is a rowdy drinking song celebrating the boozy cycle of merriment, mirth, malaise and of course moroseness. It had its debut on February 23rd (just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!) and has been receiving great coverage from music sources such as, Ninja Fish Music Blog, The Vinyl District’s “Press Play” and was featured on KDHX’s Song of the Day and is now featured on CMJ’S DOWNLOAD THIS! follow that link and download it now and for FREE!

In other exciting news, while us darn EGRESS kids seriously enjoyed our much needed R&R over the holiday season, we’re all chomping at the bit to re-hit the road and bring our new songs (not to mention also, our newly revamped stage show) to all of you!! So we’re pleased as punch to inform you that your next chance to see EGRESS will be as the featured artists at Philly Raw’s installment of PRESENTat the Trocadero. Other exciting upcoming shows include our Brooklyn/NYC album release show on May 22 and you’ll be able to catch an in-studio performance on Wildfire Radio’s   The Scene Scene Show on March 9th. You can find more details on these and many many more shows HERE.

We hope your 2015 has been off to as eventful a start as ours has! We’re already feeling a healthy buzz about GBA with an upcoming interview and feature in the April edition of Lehigh Valley Style and our nomination for Best Band in the Lehigh Valley on the What’s Happening List. We’re currently in first place! If you haven’t voted for us yet, the poll is open through 2/28 and you don’t have to be local to cast a vote!
Please be sure to take advantage of this free download and spread it like gossip in a small town!

‘Til we tickle your earholes and see your lovely faces again, toodles!

-those darn EGRESS kids

Wrapped up Recording!! Wrapping Up The Year


Well folks, as the Festivus season approaches, EGRESS has settled in for some much needed (and brief!) R&R. Last month we successfully wrapped up production on our third full length album—GREAT BALANCING ACT—with Brooklyn-based producer Roger Greenawalt and we are now working on the artwork and packaging for the CDs and VINYLs. The entire recording process was quite magical; you can check out a behind-the-scenes peak of the action below! And even with the album’s release still a few months off, there’s already a-buzz a-brewing. You can check out this lovely little feature on Saddle Sarah and the band in the latest issue of Geekadelphia’s “Geek of the Week’ segment.

And while 2014 closes quietly enough for us, for those of you in need of your EGRESS fix, we’ll be back with a fury in early 2015 with a jam packed show schedule that you can find HERE. We’ll also be recording and releasing a second volume in our Songs from Tin Can Alley EP series sometime early in the new year so keep your ears peeled for details on that.
In the meantime you can find Songs From Tin Can Alley Volume I – here!
’til then, happiest of yule to you all!  Ta ta!
-those darn EGRESS kids


Hello Hello!!
Well friends, it’s happening! We are officially in the studio recording our third album with Roger Greenawalt at 366 Visions Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We have four songs “in the can” already and as of Friday afternoon we are chugging away at our fifth. We have seven more to go after this! Working with Roger has been an amazing experience and it’s already pretty clear that his touch will definitely be felt on our final product. Check out our Facebook page for daily photos, videos, and updates on our recording process.
Meanwhile, Egress is living it up in various parts of Brooklyn in their time out of the studio with the Tyrant, Saddle, and Kap’n Krispy having bagel benders on 5th Ave in Park Slope, while Kidd-N-Bone are camping out on the floor of Toobie’s place in Bushwick having nightly discussions about the nuances between PBR and Genesee Cream Ale.
Lastly, we’re off the road for a much needed rest this holiday season and to finish the album and our Kickstarter rewards. Don’t put yer dancing shoes in the closet just yet though; 2015 will see Egress re-hit the road again with full force!
Thank YOU again for helping us make this album a reality! See you all soon!!
-those darn EGRESS kids


Friends! WE DID IT!!!

Because of you and your support, we achieved our bottom line goal! THANK YOU!!!

We are not completely through the fog yet though! There are still Kickstarter fees and production costs we will need to get this album made!

Please enjoy this video of THANKS! And remember! Keep spreading the word! We still have 8 days to go! Anything extra helps!



WE DID IT EVERYONE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We’ve still got 10 days to go! We just added our first stretch goal reward of EGRESS VINYL! Just add $35 to your existing pledge(and tell us you want the vinyl record)or buy it on its own!!! Only 100 of this pressing will be made! ALSO! We added the test vinyl as a reward for all you collectors out there!!! Only one of these available!!!

There are still kickstarter/Amazon fees to be processed so anything extra REALLY helps! Please continue spreading the word to your social media outlets!!!

Click this LINK to PRE-ORDER your very own VINYL RECORD of This way to the egress’ Great Balancing Act!!!

90% With Two Weeks to Go, EXCLUSIVES and NAME OUR SONG!

The countdown to Halloween begins with us darn EGRESS kids sitting tight at 90% of our bottom-line goal with just over two weeks to go in our quest to $14,000. In the coming days we’ll be rolling out a few super-sweet rewards that we’ve been saving ’til the end for our stretch goal. This week also brought news that our Kickstarter is being featured as a Staff Pick. Once again, we can’t even begin to tell you how much all of your support means to us. Again, THANK YOU!

~NAME THIS SONG REWARD~ Check out another sneak peak of things to come on the album. This time it’s an as-of-yet-untitled work we’re giving one fan or friend the chance to title. Your name will also be placed in the liners notes as a contributor! We had another song too, but that reward has already been claimed; this one’s still up for grabs. Any takers?

We’ve also JUST added a show on October 15 at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks opening for Here Come the Mummies! (If you don’t know them, check them out This will be an amazing show and we are thrilled to have been asked to be a part of it. If you’re local, heres the link to the show!

Lastly, we’ve had a great friend of ours at Spookadilly Circus( donate some of her hand-crafted lavender Zombie Head Sleep Pillows just in time for the season.


They come as part of a bundle and include an autographed copy of the new album along with a bunch of other goodies. We’ve also added them as perks by themselves! But that’s not the only reward worth mentioning. We’ve also taken the liberty of sharing another little sneak peak of things to come on the album. This time it’s an as-of-yet-untitled work we’re giving one fan the chance to name. We had another song too, but that reward has been claimed; this one’s still up for grabs. Any ideas? Til the next episode!


xoxo those darn EGRESS kids

81%!!! And Still Going Strong!

Well folks, week two of our KICKSTARTER has come to a close and YOU have already helped us break the 80% mark with over three weeks to go still. AMAZING! We cannot begin to put into words (more on that soon) how grateful we are to have the support of our fans, friends, and families in this adventure; we continue to be floored daily by the love you’ve all shown us. We’ve already added a plethora of new rewards, but guess what!!!!…the closer we get to our bottom-line goal, the sooner we’ll be adding new and even more exciting rewards (ahem…like VINYL just to name one) as we begin to pursue our STRETCH GOALS! And since you’re helping shape the future of the independent music biz by getting in on the ground floor of the #diwy movement, don’t be shy about shouting it out from the rooftops! We heartily encourage all of you who’ve pledged so far to share your deed on the inter-webs via Facebook, Twitter, maybe even ‘Ello (if that’s a thing yet!). Be proud of your support! Remember, this is not charity! This is the FUTURE OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC!

-those darn EGRESS kids

69%!!! and on a mountain of gratitude!!

To all our friends:

A week ago today we launched our KICKSTARTER in support of our next album, This Way to the Egress’ Great Balancing Act, and the outpouring of support we’ve received from all of you has been amazing. The first day this campaign created such a  buzz we were featured on the “What’s Popular” section of Kickstarter. IMG_6118 In just seven days you’ve helped us raise 69% of our minimum goal while contributors have snatched up live Egress concerts, instruments, poems, tours of NYC, and lots of other goodies. Once we hit 90% we’ll be able to start discussing our stretch goals! Did someone say vinyl pressing of the album?!! To get us there we’ve been adding rewards left and right and we’ll have more on the way! Something we’re missing? If you have a particular reward you’d like to see us offering (or, if you’d like to see more of a particular reward that’s already sold out), don’t be shy! Let us know HERE AT THE CONTACT ME TAB!

We’ve also started leaking demos and practice tapes/videos of tracks off the new album. Check out the updates on our KICKSTARTER PAGE or our  FACEBOOK EVENT for all sorts of new videos each day. There you can also hear from each band member as to what this effort means to them personally and about their experience through out the years. Here is a video featuring a song leak of a practice demo for “You Never Know”

Once again, we cannot even begin to gush about how overwhelming the response to this has all been so far. We’re truly humbled and grateful to have fans and friends like you all. You’ve helped start a movement. We are #diwy! [And if you want to share your involvement CLICK HERE] So excuse our bawdiness, but we’re doing it with YOU!  

And keep those pictures of you “doing it with us” coming!!






-those darn EGRESS kids