album art by : Sophie Cooke

“Pennsylvania art-punk outfit This Way to the EGRESS gets downright introspective on their new album RETROSPECTIVA! (out Mischief Night 2020), all the while forcing you to move your body to Balkan beats, ebullient world-beat and three-ring circus. It’s a modern journey through Tom Waits-esque folk-punk junkyards, esoteric worlds of vaudevillian juke joints and underground big band Great Gatsby parties. This is an album of hindsight and metamorphosis. This trickster band of misfits digs deep into their subconscious to find meaning in this increasingly complex world of death, pandemic and societal upheaval. Retrospectiva! presents that in one neatly packaged genre-fluid gift box.”

Friends! We have been dropping singles since August and the consensus is in,…….. this is our most exciting work yet! But, you can read for yourself!

“EGRESS is a band that thrives in transformation. They’re genre fluid where roots, jazz and world music influences meld with punk and the experimental. The band name itself comes from P.T. Barnum grifting his audience to exit his American Museum in New York City, featuring oddball sideshow attractions like the Figi Mermaid, dwarfs and bearded ladies, so they’d have to pay again to re-enter. The music of EGRESS is an indoctrination into secret worlds of underground art and performance. Their live shows are renowned for their manic spectacle with elaborate costumes, props, puppetry and dance, creating a respite and a meeting place for other avantgarde bohemian types. RETROSPECTIVA! catalogs their own odyssey into growing older, confronting the death of loved ones and navigating their own physical, metaphysical and spiritual paths forward.”

Retrospectiva! will be unleashed to all streaming platforms and for physical purchase on October 30th, 2020. You can pre-order your digital copy here!

If you are an audiophile, Vinyl records will be available in February you can pre-order them here! And if you are still stuck in the 1990’s like we are you can grab a CD here!

As much as we miss the open road, we are still looking forward to our Retrospectiva! Release Party on Sunday, November 1st at 8:30pm (NYC)!

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