Join us, In the “Do It With YOU” movement!! #diwy

Hello Friends!

We are here today to officially launch our KICKSTARTER in support of our next album—This Way to the EGRESS’ Great Balancing Act!  (All contributors can follow this LINK to our Kickstarter to see what rewards we have to offer!) While we are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we received from our fans in response to our 2013 DIY release, Mighty Seed, we now have before us the chance to create something even better and more ambitious.

We have the opportunity to work with visionary independent producer Roger Greenawalt, who has postponed the launch of HIS exciting new undertaking to join us and be a part of OURS. We are certain that with his ear and experience—and the new songs we have worked feverishly on—that we can bring to you a groundbreaking new album. Not only will we be bringing this to YOU, but we are hoping that YOU will join us!

By investing in—or pre-ordering—this record you will be contributing to a future built on your terms. We have been a “Do It Yourself” band for the last 7 years. Now, we are striving to make a new movement—a “Do It With You” movement. We believe strongly in the communities we build; the stronger ours becomes, the more opportunities we will have to share with those that join us for the ride. We hope you’ll come along! #diwy  #thiswaytotheegress
-those darn EGRESS kids

This Way to the EGRESS KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN for the making of the 3rd album, This Way to the EGRESS’ Great Balancing Act.

More FREE music and some BIG news!!

Our Friends,
For each of the past two weeks we have shared with you a new track off of our latest EP, Songs from Tin Can Alley, along with news about future recording plans for EGRESS. This week as we are super excited to offer you the third and final track off of the EP (for FREE HERE) we again have some pants shaking news to share with you!  We currently have before us the opportunity to work with visionary independent producer Roger Greenawalt on our upcoming album—“EGRESS’ Great Balancing Act”. Roger has worked with some of our favorite artists and collaborated on projects we greatly enjoy, admire, and respect. We should begin production in November 2014. We are beyond excited to have this opportunity and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.


In the meantime we have a wide array of shows spanning the tri-state area, including a stop at Irving Plaza in NYC, Dewey Beach Music Conference in DE and World Cafe Live Philadelphia!!  For more information on shows please visit SHOWS.

Stay tuned for more news to follow and enjoy the free sounds for your ears!
-those darn EGRESS kids

A Tasty New Free Track from our Songs from Tin Can Alley EP!!

Howdy Egress Followers! Last week we were so thrilled to announce the title of our upcoming album—This Way to the Egress’ Great Balancing Act—that we gave away the first track off our recently recorded EP. That song—Drink it Down—can still be downloaded HERE!! But that was then, this is now!

With this week, comes a new free song and yet another hint of more big news to come! We are thrilled to announce that Egress will be undertaking some truly ambitious recording plans this Fall and we’ll be inviting all of you to take part in the journey. Why is that you ask? Because in this post-Napster music industry, we’re all in this together! And it’s with that sentiment in mind we give you KAPUTT(NSFW)!—the next track off of Songs from Tin Can Alley! A song about making the best of a bad situation; fighting the good fight; and above all, camaraderie! You can download it HERE for FREE for a limited time!!!

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it! Stick around next week for the third and final track from the EP and the biggest of big news that we are just itching to share with you! Until then!


Those Darn Egress Kids

A New Song, A New EP, and Some Big News

As Summer winds down, we here at EGRESS & Co. have some exciting news to share with you! Last weekend, we locked ourselves inside the Egress Inn with nothing but our instruments, a bathtub full of gin, Traffic the dog, and with one goal in mind: NEW MUSIC. Saturday morning we locked the doors and by sunday night we had written and recorded three new songs. The result is our fourth EP!!! Songs from Tin Can Alley. We channeled some of our biggest influences from a golden age of American music and wrote two songs on the spot while adapting a 1923 blues standard as well. All three songs were recorded live in a single take with minimal setup and feature bawdy verses from the entire crew, washboard percussion, and homemade sound effects. For a limited time we’ll be giving this EP to all of you for FREE starting with the first track, Drink it Down, available HERE!

We’re so excited to announce the title of our upcoming album—”This Way to the Egress’ Great Balancing Act”—we’ll be giving you these songs as a token of our appreciation!

We’ll be releasing two more songs over the next two weeks with more news and shows as well! Thanks for your support, we couldn’t do any of this without friends like you!

~Those darn Egress kids~

Don’t get sand in your Egress! New EP! New Album! And Shows! Shows! Showsssss!

Happy Summer, kiddies—from EGRESS! We’ve had a busy few months of shows including three great sets at the Steampunk World’s Faire in May followed by an amazing June mini-tour to Dallas for AKON; the ever-lovely AllWays Lounge in New Orleans and the Flying Monkey in Huntsville, AL with our friends Freksheaux to Geaux; and Nashville’s East Room with our new pals, Fable Cry. Ooh, and then there was last week’s band field trip to Rockaway Beach in NYC to play with our old friends, Yula and the eXtended Family. Fun times all around. Next week we’ll be kicking off the busy month of August with a special-edition Musikfest show at the Funhouse in Bethlehem with some shows at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown in support of two of our favorite bands: Jaggery (Boston) on 8/19 and The Butcher Knives (NYC) on 9/21. We’re also pleased as punch to announce upcoming dates in September at The Philadelphia Museum of Art and Irving Plaza in NYC.

In other news, we are Oh-Fish-Alley underway with the pre-production stage of our impending THIRD ALBUM! Sit tight for a slew of upcoming announcements regarding release dates, sneak-peaks, and even what we’re gonna name the little bugger (and a few other surprises!!!). In the meantime, EGRESS is also tickled to tell you we will be recording a three song EP “Songs from Tin Can Alley” this month for a late August release date. And guess what! Because we’re so excited about our next album (and also because we have a crush on all of you, our fans), we’re giving this EP to you all for FREE! We’ve made a lot of new friends over these past few months and have also seen a lot of old familiar faces; your support means the world to us. We can’t wait to tickle yer ear drums with a whole bunch of new material! ‘Til then!


- Those darn EGRESS kids


Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers of EGRESS,

We would like to come out and confirm that the rumors are true: we have officially started writing and composing new songs for our third record!  We are halfway through the writing process, and we are tickled to announce that this will be our first in-studio album!  We are now performing to rally the funds to pay for it and will begin production in September 2014.

We would also like to welcome “Krispy” Zach Martin to the Egress family.  He will be taking over for “Easy” Chet Sullivan on drums who has eagerly switched positions to take over as EGRESS’ own trumpet player and backup vocalist.  With this change in the line up, we thought it would be good to do an Artist Spotlight on Facebook and other social media outlets so you can get to know the zany Egressians who tickle your eardrums on a daily basis. You can catch the first Artist Spotlight on Sunday, April 13th, on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

In the meantime, we will be keeping you engaged and entertained by winding our way around the US and growing our tri-state community of fans and friends.  We have some shows on the horizon that we are very excited about, both locally AND nationally, so please see our SHOWS tab for dates and events near you!

In short, you can expect the following from EGRESS this spring and summer: NEW music, LOTS of shows—both on a national scale and close to home – MORE social media contests to win new EGRESS swag, a BRAND NEW music video, artist spotlights and who knows what else? Thank you all for your love and for making what we do possible.


-Those Darn EGRESS Kids







Egress in the New Year

Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers of EGRESS,

Here’s a little preview of what we have coming atchya for the new year ahead!

We are super excited to announce that we have been accepted to Alternacirque’s “The Festival of Doom” in Columbia, SC where we will be teaming up with our favorite New Orleans cohorts Freaksheaux to Geaux for some musical sideshow collaborations.  Following the festival on January 16th, we will be touring our way back home up the coast; so if you’re planning a stay along the Eastern seaboard this January, stay tuned for shows and details.  Upon our return, we are excited to take part in helping to build a stronger community and scene here in the Lehigh Valley by teaming up the Allentown’s new haven for artists, musicians, and creative cats of all varieties—The Alternative Gallery.  EGRESS will be joining AG for their bi-monthly PERVERT show on January 25th.  Please visit our SHOWS page for more details.

In short, you can expect the following from EGRESS in 2014: New music (and free music!), lots of shows—both on a national scale and close to home, more social media contests to win new EGRESS Swag, a new music video, the official announcement of our third album, and who knows what else.  Thank you all again for your love and for making what we do possible.

-Those Darn EGRESS Kids




Sowing Wild Oats

Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers of EGRESS,

Since the beginning of this year EGRESS has pumped out a new MUSIC VIDEO,  released a NEW ALBUM, toured by train for two weeks to California, and hit the road again for a month-long national tour by way of our mighty band van, Clarence.  Along the way we’ve made some new friends, gathered new fans, and enjoyed plenty a moment of inspiration and adventure on the road.

And so you ask, what’s on the horizon for EGRESS in these remaining days of 2013?  The short answer: A whole slew of local-ish shows and new songwriting for our next album!  Thats right, we have officially commenced composing ourselves and composing new material for the next album. Production will start some time in the new year so keep an eye and an ear out for details as they develop.  In the mean time though, feel free to check out our SHOWS page to see where you can find us next.  This Fall and Winter we’ll be roaming our some of our favorite haunts (and some new venues, too) in the greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, Lehigh Valley region and would love to see you all there!

-Those Darn EGRESS Kids

Egress “PLOWS AMERICA” National Tour

Have some wild musical oats that need sowing this Fall?.  Well you’re in luck because we are spreading our “Mighty Seed”  and coming to a city near you!!
Following the May, 2013 debut of our album Mighty Seed, we are pleased to announce our fourth national tour is NOW! Running through 23 cities from August 23 through September 22 and revisiting some of EGRESS’ favorite stomping grounds in New Orleans, the West Coast, and of course New Jersey, the tour will also include a few forays into some new territory for the band. Along the way we will be documenting our life on the road, street performing whenever and wherever possible, and also shooting a music video. Don’t you worry we will be bringing our animated and hyper-energetic showmanship and antics to stages, street corners, and anyplace else where we can spread our musical seed across this great land.  HERE is a detailed list of shows, dates, facebook event listings and support for the events!

New Album Out Now! ~Train Tour Announced!

Our Dear Comrades,
Our second album “Mighty Seed” has been successfully unleashed on the public and is now available online at iTunes and band camp. However, if you’d prefer a physical copy you can purchase them right here on our trusty website or better yet…..cut out the middle-man and get one  from EGRESS at a show! We also have new shirts with the “Mighty Seed” accordion logo!  You can find both the new shirts and the new album HERE. We are over the moon with the wonderful response to Mighty Seed, so we’d like to give to you as a gift this FREE download.

On December 14th, 2012 the curators of the California event Steamstock, pitched a kickstarter to enthusiasts for the opportunity to bring three East coast bands by train, to the event held on July 27th and 28th in Richmond, California. On February 1st they reached their goal! We are very excited to be one of the three bands picked to go. It will run from July 20th to August 2nd. Please see our “Shows” Page for a detailed list of our stops!