EGRESS gets downright introspective on their new album RETROSPECTIVA!

Sarah & Taylor Retrospectiva! promo shot

Sarah & Taylor from EGRESS here. These last few months have been a wild ride, huh? Like so many musicians, we have lost the rest of our gigs for the year due to COVID. It has been rough, we feel like a huge part of ourselves and what we do is just gone. With many gigs being rescheduled for a year later, we are seeing a massive exodus of venues from around the country and the industry is already saying 2022 before things start to level out. What a time to release a record. We mean that. It is a difficult time for artists to stay afloat with their art/business but it also the kind of times when we need music and art MORE THAN ever! So, this hasn’t stopped the momentum around our next new adventure, Retrospectiva! We’re excited to team up with Baby Robot Media in delivering these tunes to the masses. It is sure to be a wild ride releasing an album during a global pandemic and civil unrest!

Our first single, End Is Nigh dropped on Friday, August 7th and was premiered by Spill Magazine. You can check that out here! Since we have been hurting to play some shoes we released a LIVE video of our performance of End Is Nigh at Musikfest 2019. We can’t wait to do this again!

This is what folks are saying about the new album!

Retropectiva! album cover by Sophie Cooke
Artwork for Retrospectiva! by Sophie Cooke

“Confronting life and death became a major theme of the new EGRESS album, RETROSPECTIVA! after the passing of many whom EGRESS loves these last few years. “The End is Nigh” is about confronting your mortality head-on, while recognizing the skeletons in your closet. “Gravedigger” deals with the political state of the world,—-watching old systems crumble and seeing what’s going to emerge from the rubble.

“Touring from town to town, yet the city lights are always the same.”

Similarly, “City Lights,” in the wake of Taylor’s parents’ deaths, deals with how life can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s just easier to check out. It engages with how you can prepare your whole life for something that may never come. Touring from town to town, yet the city lights are always the same. Galassi’s vocals contrast with dramatic orchestral sweeps, while Shown’s vocals on each chorus seem to almost comfort Galassi, giving him shelter and companionship when he needs it most.

“…pink elephants and old-timey cartoon skeletons…..”

The dreamworld of “Lights Out” delves into that outer/inner duality as it encompasses both the passing of Shown’s sister while simultaneously dealing with the subconscious demons of anxiety and depression. The song conjures images of Dumbo dealing with pink elephants and old-timey cartoon skeletons dancing with black cats in cemeteries.

RETROSPECTIVA! delves into different concepts of transient states. Our bodies will one day be dirt again. “Skin and Bones” confronts how we spend our time and energy. We’re all going to the same place in the end, while humanity will keep going. “Knock Knock” came to Galassi as he looked at his reflection in a dirty living room window in the middle of the night. It’s about owning up to your regrets and moving forward or the train will just leave without you. RETROSPECTIVA! , at its core, is an album of reflection and growth, a sentiment that seems to be mirroring the current American zeitgeist of social equality in race, class, and gender.

Album closer “Last Call”……

Album closer “Last Call” brings us all together in these uncertain times, with gang vocals in the style of traditional drinking ballads. We can imagine the members of EGRESS and their fans swaying with drinks in hand and singing along as this ship called society sinks into the abyss. Hopefully, the mystic work we’ve done with This Way to the EGRESS here on Earth has prepared us for the afterlife. The new EGRESS album, RETROSPECTIVA! is an upbeat, fun record built to be danced to, but that often contrasts with dark introspective lyrics. That’s exactly what makes this such an exciting album.  

retrospectiva! Track listing design by Sophie Cooke

13 tracks and counting~~

Retrospectiva! has 13 tracks and will be unleashed onto the public on October 30th, 2020. In the meantime, single will be dropping and they will be available here! And if you simply cannot get enough of EGRESS or you just want to find out why folks are flocking be a part of our growing community of misfit makers, appreciators of the unique and lovers of musical eclecticism— then check out our Patreon, where we release music monthly!

We know times are tough friends, hold on to each other. Hold onto yourselves. Cheers!

Sarah, Taylor & those darn EGRESS kids

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“When the bars are all empty and you forget our name, we’ll meet you in the road,…….anyway. When the clocks turn back to a time more foul,…….now that we’ll motor through it somehow.”- from the track “Last Call” off of Retrospectiva!