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**Below is a list of all OFFICIAL PATREON RELEASES to date**


Thing #33- A Surf reimagining of ‘Blinding Lights’ (mp3)

Thing #32- A Surf reimagining of ‘Bad Guy’ (mp3)

Thing #31- All Hands Are Deck, Original Tune (mp3)

Thing #30- Rain Dogs, a Tom Waits Cover (mp3)

Thing #29- We’ll All Soon Be Dead an EGRESS reimagining (Mp3)

Thing #28- Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down (Mp3) Featuring Dr. Sick

Thing #27- Animated Music Video “Skin & Bone” by Contemplating The Stars 

Thing #26- EGRESS original- ‘Sour Grapes’ a so-long 2020 tune. 

Thing #25- An EGRESS reimagining of Squirrel Nut Zippers ‘La Grippe’!

Thing #24- ‘Audiobook- Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 3!

Thing #23- ‘Bottom’s Up’ Original EGRESS Shanty written in collaboration with our Patrons!

Thing #22- ‘End Is Nigh’ Lyric’s video animated by Thomas LaRosa

Things #21- ‘Piggy’ A reimagining of NIN’s ‘Piggy’ 

Things #20- ‘Survana’ A Surf Cover of Nirvana’s Breed (From the upcoming concept album EGRESS presents- This Way to Banana Island)

Things #19- If All Else Fails (Original EGRESS Tune)

Things #17 & #18- New Tunes from Retrospectiva! (Skin & Bone and Knock Knock)

Thing #16- New Track! Spider Song – (from the new album. (working title)

Thing #15- MORE Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark – (audiobook with original EGRESS score)

Thing #14-  New Track! GRAVEDIGGER- (a new track from the upcoming album!)

Thing #13-  NEW TRACKS | The End Is Nigh & Lights Out| (TWO new tracks from the upcoming album!)

Thing #12 Razzledazzle (MP3 musical collaboration with Corey Feldman)

Thing #11 Darlin’ (MP3 music video combo)

Thing #10 Whiskey On My Grave (a country reimagining)

This is a country remake of our song Whiskey On My Grave.

Thing #9 Songs From Tin Can Alley (Physical CD & Video) & Think About It Music Video!



Thing #7 & 8 Mardi Gras (EP) & House Of The Rising Sun Cover (MP3)

EGRESS wrote two original songs to prep for their trip to New Orleans and released them for February’s Thing. The original EP consists of 2 tracks titled ‘It Ain’t Easy Missin’ The Big Easy’ & an instrumental called ‘Kiss My Beignets’. For the month of March EGRESS covered the classic House Of The Rising Sun in old big band style.


*Thing #6 Man Of Constant Sorrow Cover (MP3)

An EGRESS version of the classic Man Of Constant Sorrow.


*Thing #5 A Spaghetti Western Christmas (EP)

A Spaghetti Western Christmas is an EGRESS original audiobook about an elf and killer tacos. Included with this audio book are several reimagining’s of old spaghetti western classics like Death Rides A Horse, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Fistful of Dollars as Elf Rides A Horse, The Good The Bad and The Santa & Fistful Of Salsa as well as EGRESS original Tacos For Christmas.


*THING # 4  Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Audio Book w/ original score.

In October EGRESS released an entire audiobook of the Macabre classic Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark. Included with the reading is an entire original soundtrack written and recorded by EGRESS. This release also includes 3 MP3’s for ‘Old Woman Of Skin & Bones’ – ‘The Hearse Song’ & ‘ Man Who Lived In Leeds’.


*THING # 3 Mission Mars (A David Bowie & Gustav Holst Mashup) (MP3)
Mission mars is a mashup of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” & Gustav Holst’s “Mars” from the Planets. Patrons received the MP3 & all Patreon exclusive perks.


*THING #2 Yeah Yeah Yeah (MP3)
Yeah Yeah Yeah was an old EGRESS song that had been packed away in the vault since 2012. It was completely rerecorded and Patrons not only received the MP3 and Patron exclusive perks, they also helped make this new music video happen for y’all.

__________________________________________________________________________________*Songs From Tin Can Alley VOLUME IV
Songs From Tin Can Alley is a 4 Volume EP that started as a creative writing exercise back in 2014. We released a volume a year. The first three volumes are available on our Bandcamp. The fourth volume is Patron exclusive and will be released to the public sometime in 2019.


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