This Way to the EGRESS are equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world-beat, and three-ring circus all the while playing an amalgamation of worldly influences which defies genres.

If Tom Waits and Patti Smith made a musical lovechild, then sent that kid train-hopping until it was old enough to come back home and form a band…… sure enough that band would be like EGRESS. Whether you know them as the “dance band to ring in the end of the world with” or by their “raise a glass and drop a beat” attitude, EGRESS will leave their mark on you. They are known to catapult the audience with their rambunctious stage show while generating enough energy to light up a small city. Their electrifying M.O. has brought them to share the stage with amazing acts like The Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Dresden Dolls, and World Inferno Friendship Society. The groups otherworldy-ness have gifted them with the ability to perform everywhere; from 2nd line parades through the French -Quarter in New Orleans, to festivals throughout the US & the UK, all the way to tiny pubs nestled in back alley’s and to sold-out crowds at prime music venues like the 9:30club in Washington D.C.

Formed in 2008, This Way to the EGRESS is a 6-piece accordion led ensemble hailing from the Tri-State area (Pennsylvania, NYC, NJ) comprised of Taylor Galassi(lead vocals, accordion, piano); Sarah Shown(vocals, piano, violin); John Wentz(tuba); Jaclyn Kidd(guitar, banjo) and Dave Best(drums) and an ever-rotating cast of horn players. With a wide variety of musical backgrounds and a diverse array of influences, EGRESS crafts intricately arranged audible cocktails which will be sure to make you move. Together they form a tapestry of worldly influences and an alchemy of sounds modern and past, familiar and forgotten.


(notable praise for EGRESS)

“There’s a certain ethereal alchemy to the work of This Way to the EGRESS, built around a series of mesmerizing movements. There is also an unbounded sense of joy coursing through its veins.”—Joshua Pickard, Nooga

“See No Evil” [is] a cabaret-inflected story told with horns and a charismatic vocal performance.” —Magnet Magazine

“Kick up your heels and dance along, we dare you to sit still through this one.” —WordKrapht

“This Way to the EGRESS raise the spirits with a rousing back alley Jazz as they ask for a little comfort for their departing souls with ‘Whiskey on My Grave.’ —The Alternate Root

“… [Egress] never slow down like a madcap carnival ride possessed by ghosts — this promises to be one heck of a live show.” —PopDose

“An absolutely essential band for lovers of musical eclecticism, with fun guaranteed.” — Velvety

“This Way To The Egress are an unexpected, entertaining and overall brilliant band. Their live show is more than just music, it becomes a mesmerizing experience, teleporting the audience to a different era with their vintage-style melodies and circus-like vibes.” —Giulia Bisinella, Music-News

“The eclectic stylings of This Way to the Egress set the band apart from other groups – both mainstream and underground-and make for an audible experience not to be missed.” -Metro Mix- (Pennsylvania)

“They are simultaneously the circus’ main attraction and P.T. Barnum’s outlandish showmanship rolled into one.” —Tape Swap Radio 

“Great tunes for a road trip.” -Bonnie and Clyde

“This Way to the EGRESS is a fusion of many things, all of which are worldly.” Shutter16 Magazine

“The variety of instruments used is awe-inspiring as well as intriguing… Their sound is both fun and exceptional. This is what truly makes This Way to the Egress stand out.”  —Caffeine Crew

“This Way to the Egress has a unique and eclectic sound in a generation of Auto-Tuned pop.  They are a complete and total breath of fresh air ” – The Beacon (pennsylvania)

“They are part circus vaudevillians, part trickster brats and they put on an absolutely amazing performance worthy of Tom Waits.  This is a band you need to know about.” -SLUG Magazine (Arizona)