Notable Praise for Egress

“With the release of recent single “We Won’t Go,” the band makes one more assertion as to their relevance in an overly homogenous musical marketplace.” -Joshua Pickard,

“This Way to the EGRESS is a fusion of many things, all of which are worldly.” -Reverbnation Artist Spotlight, Shutter16 Magazine

“EGRESS unabashedly grabbed our hands and maniacally frolicked us out of ourselves and into their chaotically composed carnie-swing orchestration.” – TriState Indie

“This Way to the Egress has a unique and eclectic sound in a generation of Auto-Tuned pop.  They are a complete and total breath of fresh air ” – The Beacon (pennsylvania)

“They are part circus vaudevillians, part trickster brats and they put on an absolutely amazing performance worthy of Tom Waits.  This is a band you need to know about.” -SLUG Magazine (Arizona)

“If you’ve never seen Egress play live, it is startling to see them take the stage.”- Matthew Albasi, Jump Philly

“Modern fashion and music references mix with the past and create a disorienting array of sights and sounds.” – sixonezero mag

“An amazing band, and so full of pure passion with their music, I don’t think I’ve ever had quite so much fun at a show as I did that night.”-COMA Music Magazine

“The eclectic stylings of This Way to the Egress set the band apart from other groups – both mainstream and underground-and make for an audible experience not to be missed.” -Metro Mix- (Pennsylvania)

“Great tunes for a road trip.” -Bonnie and Clyde

” This Way to the Egress is composed of talented musicians, that have a unique experimental style, they play an accordion-driven modern take on gypsy music that is quirky but nonetheless entertaining.”- Slacker Generation, LLC

“Picking up where bands like Gogol Bordello left off, This Way to the EGRESS turns in a madcap take on the underrated  gypsy-jazz-old-time-punk drinking songs.” – KDHX

“This Way to the Egress’ is versatile, their audience widely varies, from punks, tattooed people, children and families, theater appreciators, steampunk kids, hipsters more.” Band of the Week, Morning Call (Pennsylvania)

“This Way to the Egress pumps energy that a ska band would be proud of with hints of pirate attitude and an honest-to-PT Barnum- punk spitfire piss & vinegar sensibility.”  -Sepiachord (Washington)

“I knew who they were before they got big.”-Nostradamus

“While each vocalist is enjoyable solo, the harmonies they create as a duo express the more intricate parts of their voices creating an intense captivation with each line.”-Creative Loafing (North Carolina)